29/03: Happy Easter – New low price and high quality hardware testing!

Happy Easter to all Stargate users!

Pending our next software updates and new features, we have some other news:

– Thanks to you, Stargate is a huge success and we are now able to drop price and hopefully reach new users whose budget didn’t allow yet to enjoy the best flashcart for 3DS! Our recommended retail price (MSRP) is now $64.95!

– Additionally, for all the new Stargate currently on the market, again thanks to you and its commercial success, we have further improved built quality. Stargate manufacturing process ensure that our flashcart can resist drops and other torture you or your kids will place on it, thanks to best of the industry testing & production procedure. So that your 3DS and your Stargate will be together until the end of their lives!

To all past customers, thank you again, you make all this possible. And to future ones, welcome!

13/02: Happy Chinese New Year: Stargate Manual V1.0

Today we release an easy to use, straight to the point, manual for Stargate.
We want to answer regular users (the majority) requests for a guide on how to
use Stargate 3DS key functions.

With our next update – that will add new more advanced features – , we will update
our manual with more details, but we recommend regular users (people who want to
play ROMs in the easiest way possible) to stick to the original manual to enjoy
Stargate 3DS for what is famous and appreciated for: its ease of use!

Click here to download Stargate’s Manual.

03/01 – Happy new year, happy new skins! 🙂

Stargate 3DS is customizable and we already have wonderful skins made by
independent artists.
You can find some of our favorite here, created during a competition with our partner

Enjoy your Stargate 3DS with a brand new skin!

20/12 – First Stargate update

Today we release our first update with some fixes and improvements on issues and feedback provided by users & reviewers.

Change log:

– Fixed freeze on language change
– Fixed ExFat with larger MicroSD cards and nds mode
– Minor improvements to menu sub system
We thank you again for your feedback, this is only the beginning, much more is to come, and we welcome your help & ideas. Please CONTACT US for suggestions and bug reports.
New files can be found in the DOWNLOAD SECTION.

11/12 – Already at work after first feedback from reviewers!

First, we want to clarify that although Stargate 3DS is full of resources and possibilities, that will grow even better over time, we created Stargate primarily as a plug & play, easy to use device to play both 3DS and DS roms!
The goal which we are the only team to achieve is to make this possible for all users, including true noobs and beginners. We have a priority on Stargate core features over some CFW functions.

Updates coming soon in new firmware:

– New Japanese font that are more readable (requested by most Japanese users)
– Bug fix on some microSD cards where exfat format is not supported on DS games (both FAT32 and exFAT are supported on 3DS games on any type of SD cards). This is how we intend it to be, one micro sd card for both your DS and 3DS roms.
– Sticker will be thinner and shinier in next production batch
– SNES emulator and a few more updates made in house by Stargate team are in the
works and coming in a future update.
– Although we do not recommend Gateway split format, since you can just use
exFAT for files larger than 2GB, we will add at a later date this compatibility
for the few users who want to use their old game libraries, even if out of date.
– A handful of newest games (Pokemon Sun and Moon) are not yet compatible, this
will also be fixed in an incoming update.


– We support *.3dz ROM files for online gaming, just rename them as *.3ds
– We are compatible with Ntrboothax/magnethax. However, due to the numerous CFW
available, we can’t yet ensure 100% compatibility with all of them. We will add better compatibility with the numerous CFW in our next firmware updates. Be aware that for now, some CFW might interfere with Stargate system and therefore can not be used. But you still have the best solution available: plug & play Stargate 3DS firmware.
– About region free: Native 3DS use, Stargate or else, can NOT be region free.
This is a console limitation. If you require region free, please use Ntrboothax/magnethax and install a CFW.

We hope this answers most of your questions. But of course, we are available
if you have any questions, and we still welcome all suggestions for improvement.
Please just remember that any improvement we make must be in Stargate spirit of
keeping an absolute ease of use to the end user. You can contact us here.

11/12 – Reviews in various languages!

For a complete review of an early version of Stargate (with original firmware, soon to be updated), you can read this one on the respected website:

Click here for English review.


Logic Sunrise is probably the most respected French language website in the mod & hack field.

Here is their review of the Stargate 3DS.

Click here for French review!

Vive le Stargate!


Spanish review on world famous

Click here for review en Espanol!

And Japanese review from re-doing:

Click here for Japanese review.

05/12 – First shipments to reviewers – Retail next week.

We are happy to announce that the first Stargate units have been shipped today to selected reviewers.
You should see the first reviews online end of this week, which we hope will show you more of the Stargate amazing features and its ease of use.

Stargate 3DS is fully upgradable. It comes now with its first firmware which reviewers will cover. Our support team will release updates to improve our product. Customers’ support is a priority to us. Stargate will be fully supported and the most advanced 3DS flashcard for the years to come.

The first DS menu system files are already available in our download section.
Original firmware 1.0 is pre-installed on the cart itself.

First retail copies are being sent to vendors next week. We are doing our best to ensure enough stocks for Christmas delivery. But remember most resellers work on a first come-first served basis, so we strongly advise to place your order now to guarantee a Christmas delivery as demand is very high!

We will publish here some review links. We very much look forward to them and to your feedback. Do not hesitate to email us to request extra features, suggest improvements or anything else. Technical support and quality update service are very important to us. You can find our contact details here.

Best regards
Stargate 3DS Team.

14/11 – Stargate release date.

Finally after the usual last minute problems & issues to solve, Stargate 3DS has entered production.
First shipment will go out first to reviewers and retailers next week, which will leave you plenty of time to all enjoy a Merry Christmas with your Stargate.

More videos and links to reviews will be posted here soon.

The new revolution is coming: Stargate 3DS!

After a long challenging development period, we are very proud to finally announce the ultimate solution for Nintendo 3DS : StarGate 3DS !
Compatible with all consoles models & versions, all games formats whether they are designed for DS or 3DS, emulators and more, there is simply nothing StarGate 3DS won’t do.
Easy to use, StarGate 3DS is a must have companion for your 3DS/XL, 2DS/XL. No need to check your console version, no need to mess around with dangerous hacks, just PLUG & PLAY.

StarGate 3DS will be available in September 2017 and we are already taking pre-orders. Order now if you want to be among the first to enjoy the best that your console can do.

Review samples will be sent shortly to your favorites news source so you can have a taste of what StarGate 3DS will do for you before you receive your own.

Come back here in the days to come for more news and exciting features updates.