14/11 – Stargate release date.

Finally after the usual last minute problems & issues to solve, Stargate 3DS has entered production.
First shipment will go out first to reviewers and retailers next week, which will leave you plenty of time to all enjoy a Merry Christmas with your Stargate.

More videos and links to reviews will be posted here soon.

The new revolution is coming: Stargate 3DS!

After a long challenging development period, we are very proud to finally announce the ultimate solution for Nintendo 3DS : StarGate 3DS !
Compatible with all consoles models & versions, all games formats whether they are designed for DS or 3DS, emulators and more, there is simply nothing StarGate 3DS won’t do.
Easy to use, StarGate 3DS is a must have companion for your 3DS/XL, 2DS/XL. No need to check your console version, no need to mess around with dangerous hacks, just PLUG & PLAY.

StarGate 3DS will be available in September 2017 and we are already taking pre-orders. Order now if you want to be among the first to enjoy the best that your console can do.

Review samples will be sent shortly to your favorites news source so you can have a taste of what StarGate 3DS will do for you before you receive your own.

Come back here in the days to come for more news and exciting features updates.