29/03: Happy Easter – New low price and high quality hardware testing!

Happy Easter to all Stargate users!

Pending our next software updates and new features, we have some other news:

– Thanks to you, Stargate is a huge success and we are now able to drop price and hopefully reach new users whose budget didn’t allow yet to enjoy the best flashcart for 3DS! Our recommended retail price (MSRP) is now $64.95!

– Additionally, for all the new Stargate currently on the market, again thanks to you and its commercial success, we have further improved built quality. Stargate manufacturing process ensure that our flashcart can resist drops and other torture you or your kids will place on it, thanks to best of the industry testing & production procedure. So that your 3DS and your Stargate will be together until the end of their lives!

To all past customers, thank you again, you make all this possible. And to future ones, welcome!

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